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Ampliflow, with its extensive experience in ISO standards, management systems, and management consulting, Cognit Consulting AB has developed AmpliFlow – a unique solution that combines IT and business leadership to promote growth, innovation, and efficiency. We are more than just a compliance solution. We are a catalyst for change and success.


Ampliflow is a software program that helps businesses streamline processes, manage documents, and meet compliance requirements in order to achieve ISO certification. Manual testing such a complex software application like AmpliFlow can be challenging. Manual testers would struggle to cover all of the application’s functionality, making the process time-consuming and expensive. This lengthens the release cycle, especially when it comes to regression testing, which needs to be done after every bug fix and release.  Automation testing of Ampliflow’s web app would help streamline the testing process, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.


Siznam proposed an advanced testing solution leveraging Ampliflow, a user-friendly eQMS platform, to optimize application testing through automation. We harnessed the power of Selenium WebDriver and Cypress within Ampliflow’s framework, meticulously designing a comprehensive suite of automated tests. This covered various functional and integration scenarios, guaranteeing thorough coverage of all application functionalities.

These automated tests, combined with efficient regression testing facilitated by Ampliflow, streamlined execution, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of regressions with each update. By expediting the release cycle, we accelerated time-to-market for new features, delivering them faster to your users. Ampliflow’s platform ensured repeatability and reliability of the carefully crafted test scripts, providing consistent and dependable results.

For seamless integration of test automation into your development process, we leveraged Ampliflow’s robust framework. This flawlessly integrates with your CI/CD pipeline, enabling automated test execution in parallel with the software build and deployment process, offering real-time feedback on release quality.  Ampliflow’s inherent scalability and flexibility allowed it to adapt to changing requirements and frequent updates, effectively managing the application’s complexities. By automating testing processes within Ampliflow, we significantly improved overall efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing manual effort for regression testing, saving valuable time and resources. This Ampliflow-powered test automation solution proved instrumental in ensuring the stability and reliability of each software release, providing you with a rock-solid foundation for delivering a high-quality product to your users.

Automation testing service

Siznam has its name in the field of Automation Testing. When it comes to commitment, Siznam always holds a special place in the market. Our team helped the Ampliflow to get the following results:



The results of the case study present a compelling narrative of the transformative impact of Ampliflow on the organization’s testing processes and software development lifecycle. By embracing Ampliflow, the organization has witnessed remarkable enhancements in efficiency, agility, and quality assurance. The platform’s ability to streamline execution, accelerate time-to-market for new features, and reduce manual effort underscores its value as a comprehensive testing solution. Furthermore, Ampliflow’s integration with the CI/CD pipeline and its role as the eQMS platform highlight its adaptability and versatility in meeting diverse organizational needs. Overall, the case study outcomes validate Ampliflow’s effectiveness in driving operational excellence, fostering innovation, and ensuring the delivery of reliable software solutions. As organizations continue to navigate the complexities of modern software development, Ampliflow emerges as a strategic enabler for achieving success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Review From Client

“We have had the pleasure of working with Siznam for over two and a half years. Initially joining us as a manual testing firm, Siznam quickly demonstrated not only their expertise but also their ability to grow and adapt. Their journey from manual testing to mastering test automation, particularly with Cypress for end-to-end (e2e) tests, has been a joy to see. Siznam’s main project involved transitioning our complex SaaS application from a reliance on manual testing to a robust automated testing framework. This was no small feat. Their work allowed us to move to a development process where we could deploy changes with confidence at each code commit, a significant improvement in our workflow and product reliability. Their contributions have brought our project to a point of maturity where the existing team of developers can now maintain and expand on the automation framework they built. This is a testament to their skills in not only creating effective solutions but also ensuring they are sustainable and well-integrated into our processes. Siznam and their team are highly skilled, dedicated, and adaptable professionals. Their work has had a lasting positive impact on our project and team. We are grateful for their contributions and highly recommend them to any team looking for top-tier test automation engineers.”

Patrick Bjorklund, Ampliflow

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