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Always stay one step ahead of hackers by finding out potential threats and security vulnerabilities before the hackers do with Our Application Penetration Testing.

How Testing Your App’s Vulnerabilities is Beneficial for Your Business

Application Penetration Security Testing is something very essential for your business because it not only removes the potential threats and errors from your applications but also makes them secure. Here is why you conduct thorough tests of your application:

  • Steady Improvement
  • Boosting Customer Trust and Confidence
  • Protecting Your Reputation
  • Better Compliance with Regulations

Increase Vulnerabilities Detection

Application Penetration Testing Services are designed to detect all the potential security threats that can lead to a security breach in your applications. These testing services ensure quick and proactive identification of threats before hackers do.

Enhanced Security Level

Create another layer of security for your applications with our Application Penetration Testing Services that make the security level of your application foolproof. This timely identification of threats helps you to take proactive measures.

Protection of Sensitive Data

Ensure your applications always protect your sensitive data with our penetration testing services which are designed to check and identify any error or security issue that can lead to a data breach. These testing services save your applications from all kinds of unauthorized access.


Application Penetration Testing Services help you to identify security threats and issues which help you to resolve them in early development cycles. These testing services timely identify and eliminate the threats before they become more complex and expensive.

Penetration Testing Services

Let’s Find the Bugs Before the Hackers Do

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Removing Application Weaknesses Leads to Make Your Business Strong

Application penetration testing services are testing services that test your application to remove all the potential security threats and errors from your applications that can cause any damage to your business. These services are designed to remove these threats so that your applications stand stood front of every hacking attempt due to their foolproof security system.

Application penetration testing services can work your applications as a double wall of protection against cyber attacks. Our team of application testers knows every trick to stand ahead of hackers and keep your apps always protected against data breaches.

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Our Testing Services: Your First Line of Defence

Siznam is the most reliable application penetration testing agency that strives to make sure your applications are secure and reliable against all types of security attacks. Our services test your application by applying real-life situations to evaluate their performance in such situations making sure they are fortified properly.
Being the best application penetration testing agency, Siznam always keeps on updating our services, procedures, and methods to make sure our procedures make your applications stand firm against constantly changing security attacks. Here is a list of our secure, reliable, and cost effective application penetration testing services:

Penetration Testing for Cloud Applications

Boost the security of your cloud applications with our Cloud Application Penetration Testing Services. These services are designed especially to check your cloud applications for security threats and data breaches to make them reliable.

API Penetration Testing

Check your application programming interfaces for security issues and make them reliable with our API Penetration Testing Service. This service checks your application’s APIs for any security vulnerability and unauthorized access.

Penetration Testing of Mobile Applications

Make your mobile applications secure and protect them against insecure data storage, insecure communications channels, and other unauthorized access with our Mobile Application Penetration Testing Service. Our services protect your mobile applications from security breaches.

Network Penetration Testing

Make sure the network infrastructure supporting your applications is secure with our Network Penetration Testing Service. These services remove all security threats from your firewalls, routers, switches, and other network devices that could be exploited for hacking.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Give a boost to the security of your web applications with our Web Application Penetration Testing Services. These testing services are designed to remove security issues from SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), insecure authentication mechanisms, and more.

Social Engineering Testing

Make your applications secure against hacking and human manipulation attacks with our Social Engineering Testing Services. These testing services save your apps from human-posed security threats phishing attacks, impersonation attempts, or attempts to gain unauthorized physical access to sensitive areas

Thick Client Penetration Testing

Check the security of your applications that are installed and run on user devices with our Thick Client Penetration Testing. In this, we check the application's behavior with the client side’s code, operating system, and other channels to make sure they are prone to hacking.

Code Review Testing

Make the source code of your application perfect with our Code Review Testing. With our extensive code testing, our team tests your code of application for any potential malfunction or security threats that can be exploited by hackers and make it secure.

Fortify Your Applications like a Castle

Our Plans to Protect Your Applications

Siznam is the best application penetration testing agency that has a record-breaking history in the field of testing due to our proactive approaches and smart tactics. Here’s how we plan our testing to deliver you the best results:

  • Planning the Tests
  • Expert Reconnaissance
  • Assessment of Vulnerability
  • Detailed Exploitation
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Complete Remediation
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Penetration Testing cost

How Siznam Cuts Your Testing Expenses Short

Siznam is the most cost-effective application penetration testing agency that has the best application testers that design the testing procedures that not only get you the desired results, but also cut your testing cost as short as you want. Here’s how we do it:

  • Clear Scope Definition
  • Calculated Approach
  • Efficient Testing Methodologies
  • Effective Collaboration with Team
  • Relentless Testing
  • Knowledge Transfer and Training

Our Tools to Make You Secure

Siznam is the most reliable and efficient application penetration testing company with the most effective tools to check the vulnerabilities in your applications. Our toolkit for testing holds the best tools like:


Your Questions Our Answers

What are Application Penetration Testing Services?

Testing services that are conducted to check the security issues and vulnerabilities of applications are called Application Penetration Testing Services.

What services does Siznam include in its testing services?

Siznam includes the following penetration testing services in its testing services: Penetration Testing for Cloud Applications, API Penetration Testing, Penetration Testing of Mobile Applications, Network Penetration Testing, Automated Web Application Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Testing, Thick Client Penetration Testing, and Code Review Testing.

What tools does Siznam use for testing purposes?

Siznam has the best team of application testers that use the most effective tools for testing purposes such as (Burp Suite, Metasploit, Nmap, Wireshark, Sqlmap, Nessus, ZAP, Zed Attack Proxy, John the Ripper).

What cost does Siznam charge for penetration testing?

Siznam costs a very minimum amount for thorough penetration testing of your applications. However, the penetration price can vary on the scope of the project and the complexity of the application. You can take an estimated price for your application by contacting us.

Does Siznam assist even after the testing is complete?

Yes, Siznam believes in making a healthy relationship with its clients for a long time. Our team not only completes your order but also keeps on guiding you even after the testing procedure is completed.

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