Mobile App Testing Services

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How Our Mobile App Testing Services Add Value to Your Apps

Our Mobile App Testing Company makes your app more secure and reliable at a very economical cost. Mobile tests can add value to your apps in these ways:
  1. Increased App Compatibility
  2. Better App Performance
  3. Improved App Ratings
  4. Greater User Experience

Creation of Better Quality Apps

Android App Testing Services help in making your apps flawless and error-free. With these tests, apps can be made more reliable and trustworthy improving the quality of apps and increasing customer trust.

Better Estimation of Resource Usage

This testing service not only improves the quality and reliability, but also helps to reduce app usage of resources i.e. RAM, battery, and data. This would help in making the app efficient by minimizing resource expenses.

Faster Time to Market

Early detection of issues during the development period helps in eliminating defects on time. This thing makes the development and release process faster and more efficient making app release faster.

Make Your Apps More Secure

Our App Testing Services improve the security of your apps by removing glitches in the security structure. The apps are made more secure and protected by removing security vulnerabilities.

Mobile App Testing Services

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Hone Your Apps and Make Them Reliable

Our Android, iOS and Web App Testing Services provide you with the quickest and most effective solutions to solve all your app-related issues. Our strategically designed tests and test cases can solve all the design, functionality, performance, and user-experience-related issues from your applications.

We provide you with the best possible mobile app testing services for making your apps robust and sturdy by removing vulnerabilities from your mobile applications and web apps with our application and web app testing services. Our cost-effective and efficient solutions will not only improve app quality and performance but will make them more secure and compatible making user experience better.

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Services You Can Choose From

Siznam is the leading Mobile App Testing Company with years of providing unprecedented Mobile App Testing Services to its customers. Our QA experts will make your apps user-friendly and secure, making more out of your time and money.

Siznam is the best mobile app testing company that provides you with a large number of unprecedented iOS and Android App Testing Services that would make your apps work like a charm. Make your apps flawless and more compatible with these application and web app testing services.

We make your mobile apps so beautiful and reliable that their quality speaks for itself.

Mobile Game Testing

We make your games more streamlined and error-free with our Mobile Game Testing Service. In application and web app testing , we test your apps for any problem in their functionality, performance, and user experience on different platforms like Android and iOS. We ensure that your games show no glitches in graphics, audio controls, gameplay, and overall performance.

Mobile App Compatibility Testing

Mobile App Compatible Testing always plays a key role in your business success. Mobile App Compatibility Testing tests your app’s compatibility across different environments, browsers, device configurations, platforms, and operating systems such as Android, and iOS. This application and web app testing help you ensure that your apps and software deliver constant performance and compatibility across all platforms. Mobile App Compatibility Testing is super effective and gives you more results in less price.

Mobile App Functional Testing

We Improve Your App’s Functionality with Our Mobile App Functionality Testing Services. Mobile App Functionality Testing checks that your apps are completely functional and are meeting functional requirements. This mobile app functional testing helps to make sure that apps are functioning as intended and are providing the expected functionality to provide the best user experience.

Sound/Vibration Testing

We make sure you never miss a necessary vibration from your app ever again. With our Sound and Vibration Testing, make sure that your apps produce appropriate sound output and suitable vibrations when required. Our Sound and Vibration Testing Service enables you to test the audio and haptic feedback of your app. This application and web app testing helps ensure the app’s flawless audio and vibration output for a better user experience.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing for mobile applications tests the usability, and accessibility ease of your apps towards users. This usability testing for mobile applications tests the app with real users to check any usability issues and to see if the app is meeting user expectations and requirements. In this usability testing for mobile applications, it can be tested how easily the user can use the app and meet his goals. Usability testing for mobile applications is super easy to perform and is quite efficient.

Performance Testing

Don’t let slow apps ruin your brand image ever again with our Performance Testing. It helps to test the performance of an app under various types and volumes of loads. This Testing helps to check the scalability, stability, response time, speed, and resource usage. The primary objective of this testing is to make sure that the app doesn’t have any bottlenecks, memory leak issues, latency, or any other kind of issues causing a bad user experience.

Interruption Testing

App interruptions are always a risk to your business growth. Interruption Testing helps to check any problem that would occur in an app due to interruptions during app usage. These interruptions can be phone calls, notifications, text messages, low memory warnings, low battery alerts, or any other kind of interruptions that may stop normal app flow. Our Interruption Testing helps to make sure that the app handles interruptions gracefully, maintains data, and user progress, and recovers from interruptions without losing critical information.

Mobile Browser Testing

Access any website with error-free mobile browsers .Mobile Browser Testing Services help to test the functionality of web browsers to access different types of websites and web applications. This testing helps to ensure that web browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc do not show any issues while accessing multiple websites and web apps via different operating systems like Android or iOS.

User Interface Testing

Let your user interface deliver a better brand image with our User Interface Testing Services. User Interface Testing makes your application’s user interface flawless and helps to check every minute detail of the interface to make it user-friendly. This application and web app testing checks various parts of the interface like buttons, forms, menus, and screen transactions and helps ensure that they are displayed properly, function as intended, and provide a streamlined user experience. In UI Testing, we check the visual appearance, layout, and interactions of a mobile application’s user interface.

Mobile App Security Testing

In security testing of mobile app services. we provide you the best security testing facility that checks your applications for any kind of security threat and vulnerability and then removes them to make your applications more robust, trustworthy and reliable.Mobile App Security Testing services not only make your applications reliable, but also save user’s data from unauthorized access and cyber attacks. Mobile app security testing is your first firewall against Mobile App Security threats and the step towards making your apps secure.

How Our Plan Cover Your All Needs

Our QA professionals design customized plans for mobile app test automation which are not only cost-effective but also provide efficient solutions to all app-related issues.

Have a look at the plan you need the most:

  • Proper Analysis of Test Requirements and Priorities
  • Planning and Scheduling the Tests
  • Designing Tests Compatibility with Industry Standards
  • Establishing Test Environment and Platform Matrix
  • Execution of Tests and Defining Criteria
  • Reporting and Management of Defects
  • Regression Testing for Mobile Applications and Test Closure

Save Your Cost With Our Mobile App Testing Services

At Siznam our team of professional QA experts make customized plans for each client and use cost-effective methods and plans which make the app flawless and reduce the overall cost of iOS and Android App Testing Services in these ways:
  • Early Detection of Bugs and Errors
  • Usage of Automation Tests to Reduce Time
  • Making the Maximum Usage of Resources
  • Reduction in Review and Customer Support Costs
  • Enhanced Compatibility and Scalability
  • Better App Performance Improving User Confidence

Our Tools for Making Mobile Testing Easy For You

Siznam holds the best available tools in its arsenal for mobile app test automation service which not only makes your mobile apps error free but also provides the most suitable solutions to your mobile app problems. The tools we wield are

Faster Mobile Apps, Faster Growth

Our Top-Notch Services For Industries

Our manual testing company performs a variety of tests and test cases of application security testing to thoroughly look into your applications making them error-free. Siznam provides the following types of tests for application security testing:


Improve the functionality of your security apps and software with our Cybersecurity Mobile App Testing Services.


Achieve perfection in your healthcare apps with our Healthcare Mobile App Testing Services.


Make your Collaboration apps more reliable with our cutting edge Collaboration Mobile App Testing Services.


Give a kick start to your business with our Startup Mobile App Testing Services.


Make your SaaS applications flawless and reliable with our SaaS Mobile App Testing Services.


Trade hassle-free with functional trading apps. Hire Siznam for Trading Mobile App Testing Services.


Enjoy the best Legal Mobile App Testing Services with Siznam’s most reliable Testing Services.


Financial apps had never been this much reliable and easy to use as have become with our Financial Mobile App Testing Services.


Create optimized Retail Software with our Retail Mobile App Testing Services.

Media Streaming

Take our Media Streaming Mobile App Testing Services to get optimized and reliable Media Streaming Software and Apps.


Manage your eLearning platforms in a better way with our E-learning Mobile App Testing Services.
Don’t see your industry?

This list is not comprehensive. Let us learn more and share our experience with your industry.

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Things You Would Like to Know

What is Mobile App Testing Service?

Mobile Application Testing Service is the testing of Mobile Apps across different platforms, devices, and operating systems to check their functionality, scalability, performance, and compatibility.

What is the Cost of Mobile App Functional Testing and Android App Testing Services?

The cost of Mobile App Functional Testing Services for iOS and Android can vary depending on several factors like complexity of the app, the number of platforms and operating systems to be tested, the level of required expertise, the duration involved in the testing procedures, and many more.

How Long Would It Take to Perform Mobile App Functional Testing?

Time for Mobile App Functional Testing depends upon multiple factors that include the methodologies adopted for testing, the testing approach i.e., manual or automated, and the number of platforms across which the apps would be tested.

How to Test Mobile Application?

Testing a mobile application is quite easy. It only includes the following steps: Understand the requirement, design test cases, apply multiple types of tests, monitoring, reporting of the issue.

How Many Types of Mobile App Testing Are There?

There are multiple types of Mobile App Testing available such as Mobile Game Testing, Mobile App Compatibility Testing, Interruption Testing, Mobile Browser Testing, User Interface Testing, and many more.

Can Mobile Testing be Automated?

Yes, Mobile Testing can be Automated. Specialized frameworks and special tools are used to convert the testing process from Manual to Automated Testing by mobile app testing company Mobile app test automation tools and test scripts are used to automate the test case execution.

What are The Main Problems In Mobile Testing?

Mobile Testing can be problematic sometimes because of many problems like Fragmentation, Compatibility Issues, Network Related Problems, User Usability, Security and Privacy Issues, and many more. These problems can make the process slow and can increase the overall cost.

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