Automation Testing Services

QA Automation Company believes in delivering the best-quality QA Automation Services that make your software flawless and save you time and money.

Why You Need QA Automation Testing Services

Solutions provided by Automated Software Testing Services are cost-effective and help you to improve quality in these ways:

  • Overall Cost Reduction of QA with Reusable Test Scripts
  • Making Your QA Quick by Reducing Response Time
  • Eliminates Possibilities of Human Error While Testing
  • Making Your Release Cycle Short and Help Your Release Faster

Getting Faster Results

Automated Software Testing Services make your QA process faster and give better results in less time. Your results after the automation testing service are more accurate and reliable as compared to other forms of testing.

Better Accuracy Rate

With Automation Testing Services, your QA results are more accurate and reliable in comparison to manual or any other form of testing. It involves testing your Software, Website, and Application making them 100% bug-free.

Cost Effective Testing

QA Automation Services provides you with the cheapest form of testing. This testing conducts a large variety of tests and test cases at very cheap prices. It reduces your overall cost of Quality Assurance.

Reusable Test Scripts

Tests and Scripts for QA Automation Services are easy to create and are usable. These tests can be designed easily and can be implemented immediately after creation and can be used from time to time.

QA Automation Testing Services

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Automation Testing Services

Automation Testing Services Make Your Software Reliable

Our fast and reliable QA Automation Services give a boost to your software development process and help your business to stay ahead of the development game. In a world of development moving so fast, with so many testing automation companies on the run, our company knows how to keep your business always at the top.

QA Automation Services promise rapid solutions to all the related problems of your website, software, and applications. Being one of the best automation testing companies, we make automation testing cheaper with the usage of reusable test scripts which are easy to create. Our Automated Software Testing Services ensure speedy and steady growth of your business and can make you win the race ultimately. 

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Web Automation Testing Services

Web Automation Testing Services

Web Testing Automation Services is conducting tests and test cases by testing automation companies on websites for looking for any potential bugs and errors and removing them after detection. Tests and scripts are conducted with automation tools and quickly give results. Web Test Automation Services are of the following types
API Testing

API(Application Programming Interface) Testing is an automation testing services type that is done to check if the request and response combination is working in sequence. This test gives testing automation companies an idea about if the API is working properly as per the requirements.

Security Testing

Tests that are performed by QA automation companies to ensure the security of a given website are called Security’s Tests. This type of automation testing service helps testing automation companies identify any potential vulnerability in a website that can cause harm to the user’s data.

UI Testing

UI Automation Testing Service is performed by testing automation companies to check the User Interface of a particular website. Tests are designed that are exact replicas of the user. These tests are conducted to check if the end product works as per the user’s expectations.


How We Customize Plans for Automated Testing Services

As one of the best Automation Testing Companies that provides extensive automated software testing services, our tests of Automation Testing Services include all the detailed tests like

Test Planning

This step involves testing automation companies checking the test scope, test objectives, techniques, and approaches that would be used to perform automation testing services.

Test Designing

In this step, test cases are designed by testing automation companies as per the demands and requirements upon which the software would be checked.

Test Development

Test scripts are developed by QA automation companies depending upon the software with the usage of Automation Tools.

Test Execution

Designed test scripts are then executed on the given software by test automation companies to find the errors and defects in the proper running of the software.

Test Reporting

After test execution by test automation companies, reports are collected and then forwarded to the development team to analyze the found errors and then work for their resolution.

Test Maintenance

The test scripts applied for testing are then maintained and updated by test automation companies to make sure that the scripts are still effective and useful for tests.

Regression Testing

Once the bugs have been kicked out by QA automation companies after checking, the software is checked again in regression testing to look for any potential bugs and see if the previous issue has been resolved or not.

Continuous Integration

This step involves the integration of the testing process by testing automation companies with the development of software to make sure the testing and continuous defects are removed.

Reduce Testing Cost 8x With Us!

Software Automation Testing Services

In Automated Software Testing Services, the software is looked for any potential malfunction and then is removed immediately making your software error-free with the help of software QA automation services tools. The following are types of Automated Software Testing Services

Smoke Testing

This testing helps to evaluate the main functions and features of the software. This helps to check if they are functional and integrated. Smoke Tests are conducted to make sure the main features are completely functional and the software is ready to add new functions to it.

Regression Testing
Regression Testing in Automated Software Testing Services means the re-testing of the software after changes are made to it. Regression Tests are conducted to make sure that a particular software works as expected after specific bugs from the software are removed or some features are changed.
Integration Testing
Integration Testing is performed to check if various components and modules of software are working in connection with each other. This testing helps to identify communication problems in the proper working of the software.
Software Automation Testing Services
Application Automation Testing Services

Application Automation Testing Services

In QA Automation Services, Applications are put under multiple tests and test cases for finding any kind of flaw in the proper function of the application which after detection are eradicated, permanently improving the functionality of your apps. It has the following types

Unit Testing

Unit Tests are conducted to check if each function and module of an application is independent and it doesn’t depend on any other function or module of software for proper functioning. These tests are conducted on the code of the application and are sometimes built into the application’s code itself.

Load and Performance Testing

Tests are used to evaluate the performance of a particular software under designed conditions of heavy workload in application automation testing service. These tests are conducted to check if the application shows any problem in its functioning when it is subjected to an extreme volume of work. Load and Performance Testing ensures a sublime user experience even in extreme conditions.

Acceptance Testing

This testing focuses on checking the capability of the application to meet the required acceptance that the client has provided. This test tells us what response the end-users would give to the final form of the application.

Cost-Saving Automation Testing Services For You

Being the best automation testing company, Siznam provides you with the most cost-effective plans for automated software testing services with these Key Points

  • Including Only Vital Steps in Automation Testing Services
  • Reusable Test Scripts Help Reducing Overall Test Price
  • Customized Plan As Per Your Needs
  • Vast Variety of Plans to Choose From
Cost-Saving Automation Testing Services

Tools for web, mobile and desktop automation

Being an advanced automation testing company our toolkit for Automation QA Testing Services holds the best tools available in the market that help in the detection and eradication of every bug which makes your products slow. We can provide the following tools for automation testing at your disposal:

Our Top-Notch Services For Industries

Our manual testing company performs a variety of tests and test cases of application security testing to thoroughly look into your applications making them error-free. Siznam provides the following types of tests for application security testing:


Improve the functionality of your security apps and software with our Cybersecurity Automation Services.


Achieve perfection in your healthcare apps with our Healthcare Automation Services.


Make your Collaboration apps more reliable with our cutting edge Collaboration Automation Services.


Give a kick start to your business with our Startup Automation Services.


Make your SaaS applications flawless and reliable with our SaaS Automation Services.


Trade hassle-free with functional trading apps. Hire Siznam for Trading Automation Services.


Enjoy the best Legal Automation Services with Siznam’s most reliable Testing Services.


Financial apps had never been this much reliable and easy to use as have become with our Financial Automation Services.


Create optimized Retail Software with our Retail Automation Services.

Media Streaming

Take our Media Streaming Automation Services to get optimized and reliable Media Streaming Software and Apps.


Manage your e-learning platforms in a better way with our E-learning Automation Services.
Don’t see your industry?

This list is not comprehensive. Let us learn more and share our experience with your industry.

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You May Also Want to Know

What is Automation Testing?

Automation Testing is a QA testing process in which a series of tests and test cases are conducted via automated tools automatically. This type of testing gives better and more reliable results as no human is involved in the test procedure hence saves a lot of time and money using reusable test scripts instead of manual work.

How many types of Automation Testing Services are there?

There are several types of Automation Testing services

Each kind of software testing approach can be automated such as UI, Integration, Unit, Smoke, Acceptance, Regression, Performance, Security, and API Testing. All these techniques can be used to make your app’s software and websites bug-free.

How Automation Testing Service is Helpful for Your Software?

Automation Testing Services is the quickest, most reliable, and most pocket-friendly QA approach that would make your software bug-free at a very minimal price and period. For further details, you can contact our QA automation company workers and discuss your queries about software automation services.

Is Automation Testing Service Time-Taking?

If it is compared to Manual Testing, Automation Testing Services are more quick and reliable. In Automation Testing, automation tools are used to check your software and make them faultless.

What is the Basic Difference Between Manual and Automation Testing Services?

The basic difference between both these tests is the method we use. In Manual Testing we conduct the tests manually and look for a bug or malfunction, while in Automation Testing Service the same process is done with the usage of automated tools.

Which Testing is More Expensive? Automated or Manual?

As far as prices for both testing procedures in test automation companies are concerned, both have their pros and cons. We can say that Manual Testing is cheaper for short-term testing procedures and Automation Testing is more economical than Manual Testing in the long-term process.

Being the best automation testing company, we provide the best rates.

Which one is the best tool used for Automation Testing Services?

Though there are a lot of tools that automation testing companies use and are cheap as well as effective, the most famous, efficient, and productive one is the Cypress Tool. This tool is easy to use and also provides real-time results to all test automation companies. Siznam includes this tool in its toolkit for Automation Testing which we use for providing the best results in testing procedures.

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