Regression Testing Services

Ensure Brand Growth And Stability With Flawless and Robust Softwares, Websites, and Applications.

Why Regression Testing is a Key To Your Success

Regression Testing ensures your products don’t lose their quality and stability after rapid releases and hotfixes. Regression testing offers:

  • Ensure Complete Bug Eradication
  • Maintain Product Stability
  • Regression Defects Prevention
  • Making Products More Compatible

Better Time and Resource Saving

Regression testing helps you to detect potential bugs and affected areas early. This in result improves overall quality and helps you save your testing time and money.

Increased Software Resilience

With proper bug removal and vulnerability eradication, regression testing enhances the stability of your software and makes it more secure. This testing makes them more resilient.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

Regression Testing helps you to deliver bug-free software with better quality and stability. This helps in improving end-user satisfaction and hence increases customer retention.

Long-Term Maintenance Support

For grown parent software, maintenance is an essential part to make them reliable and ensure end-user satisfaction. Regression testing makes every test easier.

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Regression Testing Services

Guaranteed Software Stability With Regression Testing

We provide the best Functional and Regression Testing to your all problematic software, applications, and websites to make them more reliable. At Siznam, our huge team of QA professionals thoroughly looks into your already tested products to look for any potential malfunction that might have occurred due to removing nasty bugs. Grown and large size parent software requires more stability, maintenance, and compatibility which we ensure with our extensive Regression Testing Services.


Siznam conducts deep and thorough research of all related areas of your software, application, or website that can be affected by the proper removal of a potential bug causing interruptions. No matter how small or insignificant a regression area detail may seem, Siznam performs rigorous testing to solve all of your QA problems.

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Our Approaches For Regression Testing

Taking Regression Testing from Siznam not only ensures the stability, security, and reliability of your software but also makes certain that no part of your software has been untouched. 

Siznam believes in delivering quality services at a price so minimal that it feels like a dime a dozen. Our team of QA professionals uses several exotic approaches for Regression Testing that check every tiny bit of your software to look for new malfunctions resulting in bug eradication procedures. Currently, we are ready to serve you with

Sanity Testing

In this testing, the software is tested to see its overall health and stability which helps to check if the software could go under further testing and changes. Sanity Testing is often performed to look for any potential bug or affected areas that might have been produced due to already conducted testing and fixes. Sanity Testing makes sure there are no bugs or defects that could cause problems when the product undergoes excessive regression testing.

Corrective Regression Testing

Corrective Regression Testing helps in checking software, applications, and websites that if the previous testing and correction procedure has introduced new defects in the product. During the bug removal procedure, several types of changes are made like code changing or providing fixes to the problems. Corrective Regression Testing helps to check if these procedures have affected any other function of the product.

Progressive Regression Testing

In Progressive Regression Testing, we create new test cases according to the modifications done to your product. These new test cases are designed to address the newly made changes in your software, websites, and applications to make sure that the already made changes haven’t produced new defects in the products. This testing helps to make your products more reliable and stable by checking for every kind of defect introduced due to the bug removal procedure.

Partial Regression Testing

After new code is added to the already existing code of the product, or changes are made in the main code of the product, Partial Regression Testing is performed. In this, we only use a smaller part of the already existing test cases to save time and money. Instead of applying or using the whole test suite, only a fractional part of the test case is used on those parts of the products which are more likely to get affected after the testing is done.

Unit Regression Testing

In this testing, we focus on individual units of the code to look for any newly introduced malfunction. In Unit Regression Testing, code units are tested in isolation after changes are made in it to remove potential bugs. In this testing, we check your application, website, or software on a unit level to see if any changes made in units have introduced new defects in already existing units of the products making it more reliable even from the unit level.

Selective Regression Testing

Selective Regression in Software Testing is performed on the new code after any kind of changes have been made in the previous code. In this testing, a subset of the test suite is applied to the product to look for any affected area due to bug removal. This usage of the subset saves time as well as the overall cost of the testing procedure by focusing and testing only those parts which are most likely to be affected making the regression procedure more reliable and effective.

Functional Regression Testing

In this testing, the functionality of the software is checked to look for any defect that might have occurred due to already-done testing or bug removal procedure. Functional Regression Testing clearly focuses on checking functionality defects of the software and ensures that there is no malfunction in the app's existing functionality.

Complete Regression Testing

In this testing, we execute all available tests of regression testing. Complete Regression Testing is the final type of testing that is conducted at the last to look for any defected area and after that, the product becomes ready to be launched. In this testing, all the test suites available in regression testing are executed to check the product. This testing is done when a large number of changes in code have been made and there are chances of occurrence of new defects.

Retest-all Regression Testing

Retest-all Regression Testing is the most extensive form of regression testing that we provide. In this testing, we check your software for any defects from the very initial level to make sure nothing has gone unseen and unchecked. This testing ensures your product has been thoroughly checked and is completely functional. Retest-all regression testing is to ensure that every executed test is checked and has caused no problem in the proper functionality of the app making it more streamlined.

Automated Regression Testing

We Excel in Automated Regression Testing

Siznam provides the best Automated Regression Testing that is effective yet quick. We make sure no part of your software, application, or website remains unchecked after the bugs are removed from them. We use the best-automated tools for automated regression testing processes that make the testing procedure swift by making your release cycle faster and help you save a lot of time and money.

Our team of expert QAs designs the regression tests and test cases that deeply check every bit of your digital product and find out all the problems that occurred and the affected areas created after errors are removed from it. Make sure your bug removal gives you the best results.

Ensure Reliable Software With No Area Untested

How We Plan The Trick to Make Your Software Flawless

Siznam creates the best plans that are extensive and economical on one hand, and on the other hand, are super effective at the same time. Our customized plan for you is as follows:

  • Understanding Objectives and Scope
  • Planning and Designing Test Cases
  • Creation of Test Environment
  • Thorough Execution of Designed Tests
  • Checking Issues and Reporting Results
  • Collaborating for Problem Solving

How We Ensure Quality and Save Your Cost

Our professional team of expert QAs conducts thorough research on your project to find the issues and then create suitable tests specially designed to save your cost and time

  • Detailed Analysis of Regression Areas
  • Pragmatic Test Case Selection
  • Prioritize Testing of Important Areas
  • Maintaining Regression Test Suites
  • Test Suites Automation
  • Collaborating With Development Team

Tools To Make Your Regression Testing Efficient and Economical

For Regression Testing, Siznam uses the best tools available in the market to make your software robust and reliable. We have these gems in our toolkit for regression testing

Our Top-Notch Services For Industries

Our manual testing company performs a variety of tests and test cases of application security testing to thoroughly look into your applications making them error-free. Siznam provides the following types of tests for application security testing:


Improve the functionality of your security apps and software with our Cybersecurity Regression Testing Services.


Achieve perfection in your healthcare apps with our Healthcare Regression Testing Services.


Make your Collaboration apps more reliable with our cutting edge Collaboration Regression Testing Services.


Give a kick start to your business with our Startup Regression Testing Services.


Make your SaaS applications flawless and reliable with our SaaS Manual Testing Services.Make your SaaS applications flawless and reliable with our SaaS Regression Testing Services.


Trade hassle-free with functional trading apps. Hire Siznam for Trading Regression Testing Services.


Enjoy the best Legal Regression Testing Services with Siznam’s most reliable Testing Services.


Financial apps had never been this much reliable and easy to use as have become with our Financial Regression Testing Services.


Create optimized Retail Software with our Retail Regression Testing Services.

Media Streaming

Take our Media Streaming Regression Testing Services to get optimized and reliable Media Streaming Software and Apps.


Manage your eLearning platforms in a better way with our E-learning Regression Testing Services.
Don’t see your industry?

This list is not comprehensive. Let us learn more and share our experience with your industry.

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What Else People Ask

What is Regression Testing?

Testing of the areas most probable to be affected after a bug removal or new feature has been added in the software is called Regression Testing. In Regression in Software Testing Services, parts of software called regression areas are tested to see if the bug removal or updated code has affected any other functionality of the software.

Which is the best Automated Regression testing Software?

There are several tools available in the market that are graded as good automated regression testing software like Selenium and Cypress that are cost-effective and efficient. But we can not grade a single tool to be the best because the efficacy of the tool depends upon the method that is adopted for testing. In this regard, it is proven that automated regression testing software is numerous and automated methods are the best method to use for performing automated regression testing.

Can Regression Testing Be Automated?

The answer can regression testing be automated? is yes. It requires special testing software and test cases to make regression testing automated. The most commonly used tools for regression testing are Cypress, Selenium, Ranorex, and Testcomplete. This method of testing not only makes the testing procedure faster but also makes the process cost-effective and efficient and makes the release cycle faster.

What is a Visual Regression Testing Service?

Visual Regression Testing Service is a very specialized approach to testing. In this testing, software visuals are checked to look for any potential malfunction or defects in the UI after changes have been made in the interface. This testing involves comparing before and after visuals of a software user interface to look for any discrepancies and defects after bug removal.

What is The Cost of Regression Testing?

The overall cost of Regression Testing can vary depending on the scope of testing and the methodology adopted. Also, the complexity of the software is one of the key factors that directly affect the cost. Siznam provides the best economical rates for Regression in Software Testing Services

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