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Atheneum is a leading Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform that empowers businesses with on-demand access to global intelligence. Powered by a network of over 1,000,000 experts, Atheneum’s unique Insights Platform integrates seamlessly into business workflows, providing quick and secure access to the latest market intelligence. This ensures that companies are equipped with the insights needed to overcome current challenges and proactively address future questions.


In the fast-paced world of market research, staying ahead of the curve requires timely and accurate insights. Traditional research methods often fall short due to their time-consuming nature and limited reach. Businesses faced challenges such as:

  • Delayed Access to Insights: Traditional methods resulted in slow turnaround times, delaying critical business decisions.
  • Limited Expertise: Access to a diverse range of expert opinions was often restricted, limiting the breadth and depth of insights.
  • Integration Issues: Existing solutions did not integrate well with business workflows, leading to inefficiencies.

Atheneum needed to address these challenges to provide a more efficient, comprehensive, and integrated research solution.


  • Siznam harnessed the power of Cypress POM within Atheneum’s framework, meticulously designing a comprehensive suite of automated tests. This covered various functional and integration scenarios, guaranteeing thorough coverage of all application functionalities.
  • These automated tests, combined with efficient regression testing facilitated by Atheneum, streamlined execution, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of regressions with each update. By expediting the release cycle, we accelerated time-to-market for new features, delivering them faster to your users. Atheneum’s platform ensure repeatability and reliability of the carefully crafted test scripts, providing consistent and dependable results.
  • For seamless integration of test automation into your development process, Siznam leveraged Atheneum’s robust framework. This flawlessly integrates with their Bitbucket CI/CD pipeline, enabling automated test execution in parallel with the software build and deployment process, offering real-time feedback on release quality. Atheneum’s inherent scalability and flexibility allowed it to adapt to changing requirements and frequent updates, effectively managing the application’s complexities. By automating testing processes within Atheneum, Siznam significantly improved overall efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing manual effort for regression testing, saving valuable time and resources. This Atheneum-powered test automation solution proved instrumental in ensuring the stability and reliability of each software release, providing you with a rock-solid foundation for delivering a high-quality product to your users.


To effectively implement these solutions, Siznam focused on several key areas:

  1. Platform Development: Siznam invested in building a robust and user-friendly platform that could handle the demands of large-scale research projects while maintaining high levels of security and speed.
  2. Expert Network Expansion: Continuous efforts were made to grow and diversify the expert network, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all major industries and emerging trends.
  3. Workflow Integration: The platform was designed to seamlessly integrate with various business tools and processes, facilitating a smooth adoption by client teams.
Automation testing service

The implementation of Atheneum’s solutions yielded significant benefits for businesses:



Atheneum’s RaaS platform has fundamentally transformed the market research landscape by providing businesses with rapid, comprehensive, and integrated access to global intelligence. The platform’s ability to deliver timely insights from a vast network of experts, combined with its seamless integration into business workflows, positions Atheneum as an indispensable tool for navigating the complexities of today’s market environment. As businesses continue to face evolving challenges, Atheneum stands out as a strategic partner in driving informed decision-making and achieving sustainable growth.

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