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Manual Testing Services
Company Overview is a collaborative online whiteboard platform that allows teams to work visually and organise information in a flexible and intuitive way. It is ideal for exploring problems creatively, making decisions efficiently, and managing projects visually. was founded in 2014 by a team of engineers and designers who were passionate about creating a tool that would help teams work better together.


Our client’s mission was to provide a platform that enables teams to work visually and organise information flexibly and intuitively, but while effectively delivering on that mission, they encountered several significant technical challenges. The user experience suffered due to the presence of bugs, glitches, or usability issues, leading to frustration among its customers. This resulted in a decline in customer retention and hinder the acquisition of new users as negative word-of-mouth spreads. Performance problems, such as slow loading times and crashes, could further impact user satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, has faced compatibility issues with different browsers, operating systems, or devices that may limit the software’s accessibility to a broader audience, and for instance integration challenges with third-party tools or services were hindering the seamless flow of data and processes between different systems. These challenges straining the company’s resources and increasing operational costs.


One of the proactive solutions proposed by Siznam was a comprehensive manual testing process. Starting with planning, designing test cases and making the test strategy, Siznam meticulously conducted thorough manual testing, ensuring every aspect of’s SaaS software was examined for bugs, glitches, and usability issues. This approach significantly improved the product’s reliability and stability, resulting in heightened user satisfaction and positive feedback. Through efficient test planning and test case writing methodologies, Siznam streamlined’s testing process, fostering a well-organised approach. The collaboration in resource planning and sprint planning led to optimal resource allocation, resulting in an optimised and efficient testing timeline. Siznam’s dedication to comprehensive user acceptance testing validated’s software performance, functionality and user experience, ensuring seamless compatibility across multiple devices and instilling confidence in their diverse user base. Siznam’s transparent reporting of weekly and monthly manual testing statistics allowed data-driven decisions and valuable insights into the software’s testing progress. The collaboration empowered both teams with accurate metrics regarding testing costs and time, enabling efficient budget management and resource allocation.

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Bug Reporting
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Daily Standups
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Regression Report
Test Plan
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