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Automation Testing services
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One of our clients helps product teams create powerful, automatable integrations between different applications. Their product, App Actions and triggers, allows developers to embed integrations in their apps in minutes. It handles all of the number of authentications as basic auth, APIs, and OAuth. It manages all the data mapping, logging, token refresh, and API changes, so developers can focus on building great integrations. It’s a quick and easiest way to add integrations to your app. You can get started in minutes, without having to write any code.


Being a large and complex software application, which makes it difficult to test manually. Manual testers could not easily cover all of the functionality of the application, and it was time-consuming and expensive to manually test the application because it makes the release cycle even longer when working on Regression testing. Additionally, every time they released a new version of the product, manual testers had to manually test the new version to ensure that it was working properly. The major part of the difficulties is the regression testing of the application which has to be done on each bug resolution and the release. This was a time-consuming and error-prone process. These challenges made it difficult for them to ensure the quality of its product.


Siznam proposed an advanced solution to optimise testing for their application by implementing test automation. Utilising the powerful capabilities of Selenium WebDriver and Cypress, we meticulously designed a comprehensive suite of automated tests to cover various functional and integration scenarios, ensuring thorough coverage of all application functionalities. These automated tests, combined with efficient regression testing, facilitated quick and accurate execution, reducing the risk of introducing regressions with each software update. By streamlining the release cycle, we accelerated the time-to-market for new features and updates, ensuring faster delivery to your users. Our carefully crafted test scripts guaranteed repeatability and reliability, providing consistent and dependable results.

To seamlessly integrate test automation into your development process, we developed a robust Test automation framework that seamlessly integrated their CI/CD pipeline. This integration enabled the automated execution of tests in parallel with the software build and deployment process, offering real-time feedback on the quality of each release. The automation framework’s scalability and flexibility allowed it to adapt to evolving requirements and accommodate frequent updates, effectively managing the complexities of their application. By automating testing processes, we improved overall efficiency and effectiveness while reducing manual effort for regression testing, saving valuable time and resources. The test automation solution proved instrumental in ensuring the stability and reliability of each software release, providing you with a robust foundation for delivering a high-quality product to your users.

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