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Our Branding Design Services Helped Tribes to Create a Statement In The Market

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Tribes Salon
Company Overview

Tribes, a distinguished men’s salon and spa in Oman, approached Siznam seeking a comprehensive branding overhaul. The brand aimed to encapsulate the richness of Arab culture while maintaining a modern appeal. With a unique tribal theme embedded in the spa experience, Tribes envisioned a brand that seamlessly blended tradition and modernity.


Tribes wanted something very special for their business not only to make their business site look better but also to create a statement in the market. Here are some of the challenges we faced while giving Tribes the look they wanted:

Cultural Fusion:

The primary challenge was to strike a balance between the tribal elements representing Arab culture and the modern aesthetic desired by the client. Integrating these diverse aspects into a cohesive and visually appealing brand posed a creative challenge.

Unique Theme:

Tribes’ spa had a distinctive theme that required careful consideration to ensure that the branding complemented and enhanced the overall experience. Balancing creativity with functionality was key to the project’s success.

Client Expectations:

Meeting the client’s expectations for a logo that embodied both tradition and modernity required a deep understanding of their vision. The challenge was to translate abstract ideas into tangible design elements that captured the spirit of Tribes.


Siznam has the best team of designers and developers who are market experts in giving brands an exotic look, Our team devised the following wonderful solutions for Tribe:

Thorough Research:

The design team undertook extensive research into Arab tribal art, colors, and cultural symbols. This laid the foundation for creating a visual language that respected tradition while incorporating modern design principles.

Collaborative Design Process:

To address the challenge of meeting client expectations, Siznam maintain open communication with Tribes throughout the design process. Regular updates, 24/7 assistance, and collaborative design sessions ensured that the client’s vision was understood and incorporated into the final designs.

Diverse Design Options:

To provide the client with a range of choices, multiple logo options, color schemes, and design concepts were presented. This approach allowed the client to actively participate in the decision-making process, ensuring a design that truly resonated with them.

Live Design Session:

The design team organized a live session to create the logo in real-time, incorporating instant feedback from the client. This interactive approach facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas and preferences, resulting in a logo that aligned perfectly with Tribes’ vision.

tribes challenges

Siznam has its name in the field of design and development. When it comes to commitment, Siznam always holds a special place in the market. Our team helped the Tribe to get the following results:



The Tribes branding project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and understanding client vision. By overcoming the challenges posed by the unique theme and cultural nuances, Siznam successfully transformed Tribes into a visually compelling and culturally resonant brand in the competitive men’s salon and spa industry in Oman.

Review From Client

I had pleasure working with Sinzam team. They were extremely attentive in understanding the requirements and went above and beyond to deliver the results we were looking for. Communication was fluid and we achieved the desired outcome. Highly recommend them.

Asad Butt (Oman)

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