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Leveraging manual testing expertise to ensure the reliability and robustness of AI algorithms.

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Company Overview

Voicebrain is an innovative AI-based web application that functions like a modern walkie-talkie, integrating multiple communication channels. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Voicebrain not only facilitates real-time voice communication but also listens for specific alert keywords. Upon detecting these keywords, it sends alerts via email, text, and Slack to enable rapid decision-making. This integration ensures critical information is relayed promptly and efficiently, enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness across various industries.


Keyword Detection Across Accents and Dialects:

Ensuring the AI accurately detected specific keywords across various accents, dialects, and speech patterns was a significant hurdle. The system needed to be reliable in diverse real-world scenarios, making this a complex and crucial aspect of development.

Handling Background Noise:

The presence of background noise in real-world environments often interfered with keyword detection. This required rigorous testing to ensure the AI could accurately distinguish relevant keywords from noise, ensuring reliable performance in various settings.

Seamless Integration of Alerts:

Integrating the alerts seamlessly with email, text, and Slack posed further challenges. Ensuring reliable and timely delivery of notifications across different platforms demanded robust integration and thorough testing.

Scalability and Load Testing:

Scalability and load testing were critical as the application had to handle varying loads and user demands efficiently. This involved testing the system’s performance under different conditions to ensure it could scale smoothly.

Managing Bugs Due to Fast Release Cycles:

The fast release cycles often led to various bugs, as new features and updates were pushed out rapidly. Addressing these bugs swiftly and effectively required a robust testing framework and agile response strategies to ensure the application’s stability and reliability.


To ensure the reliability and performance of Voicebrain, an innovative AI-based web application, Siznam implemented comprehensive manual testing strategies. Here are the key solutions:

Enhancing AI Accuracy:

Dataset Preparation and Training: 

The AI was trained using an extensive and diverse dataset, encompassing various accents, dialects, and speech patterns. This training improved the accuracy of keyword detection across different speech variations, ensuring the AI’s reliability in real-world scenarios.

Noise Testing:

Manual testers evaluated the AI’s performance in environments with background noise, integrating and testing advanced noise-cancellation algorithms to ensure accurate keyword detection even in noisy conditions.

Optimizing Real-Time Processing and Integration:

Latency and Integration Testing:

The system was optimized for real-time processing, with manual latency tests conducted to ensure minimal delay in alert delivery. Extensive integration testing was performed to verify seamless communication between Voicebrain and external channels such as email, text, and Slack, ensuring reliable and timely notifications.

Ensuring Scalability and Robustness:

Load and Performance Testing:

Thorough scalability and load testing were carried out to ensure the application could handle varying user demands efficiently. Manual testers simulated different load conditions to identify potential bottlenecks and ensure system stability.

Functional and Regression Testing:

Manual testing of Voice Brain and customization options for keyword alerts was conducted to validate the system’s robustness. Given the fast release cycles, extensive regression tests were performed to swiftly identify and address bugs, maintaining the application’s functionality.

By implementing these solutions, the Siznam team ensured that Voicebrain delivered reliable, efficient, and accurate communication solutions, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness across various industries.

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The implementation of  VoiceBrain solutions yielded significant benefits for businesses:



Siznam’s comprehensive manual testing strategies for Voicebrain, an AI-based communication application, successfully addressed key challenges such as keyword detection across accents, background noise management, seamless alert integration, scalability, and rapid bug resolution. By training the AI with a diverse dataset, integrating advanced noise-cancellation algorithms, and conducting extensive latency, integration, scalability, and regression testing, Siznam enhanced the application’s reliability, efficiency, and robustness. These efforts resulted in a cost-effective QA solution, improved product quality, minimized bugs, and streamlined issue resolution, significantly boosting operational efficiency and responsiveness across various industries.

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