What is Regression Testing and How Does it Work?

what is regression testing

What is Regression Testing and How Does it Work?

what is regression testing


Testing is a very important part of the development cycle to make sure that the created product is bug-free and reliable enough. This testing helps to make sure that a software, application, or website doesn’t show any kind of bugs and errors in its functioning and that it is working as intended. But this testing process is not as simple as it seems. There are chances that one test to remove a bug can introduce new issues in the product. This emergence of new bugs while eliminating the previous ones not only makes the testing process difficult but also makes it way more costlier. So to ensure that by applying bug removal methods the testers are not introducing new defects in a product, testers conduct regression testing to keep on checking that their applied techniques are working and aren’t introducing new defects. But what is regression testing? Why is it important for software testers? What are its best practices and techniques? In this blog, we will explore several other related aspects of regression testing.

What is Regression Testing?

Before going deeper into the details of regression testing, let’s first understand what is regression testing. Regression testing is a type of testing in which the testers re-run functional and nonfunctional tests to make sure that any changes to the codes or other features of the product haven’t introduced new defects in the product. This testing is performed to look into the features of the product after any code changes, updates, revisions, improvements, or optimizations to the product. This is a very important step and is crucial to perform because it is a common practice that any kind of bug removal procedure can unintentionally introduce new problematic features. So, whenever the products are put under some kind of series of bug removal tests, regression tests are always performed afterward to maintain the quality and proper functioning of your software, application, and websites. 

Benefits of Regression Testing

Every testing when performed brings with itself several benefits and with regression testing work, the number of its benefits is numerous. This testing is performed to re-test the products to make sure the changes performed in its features and codes haven’t produced any new kind of defects. When it comes to the benefits of regression testing work, there are the following that you can get:

Keeps Your Software Stable

The first benefit that comes with regression testing work is its benefit of keeping your software product super stable and functioning. Imagine a new feature causing your entire app to crash! Regression testing helps catch these errors in the early development cycles, making the testing more effective and streamlined.

Catches Hidden Defects

The next benefit that comes with regression testing is its benefits to help you catch all the hidden bugs and potential errors effectively. Software changes can be super tricky. Sometimes, a fix for one issue might create another unseen problem. Regression testing hunts down these sneaky bugs before they cause headaches.

Boosts Confidence in New Releases

Regression testing work not only helps you to make your product more reliable but also helps you to develop more confidence in your digital product. With regression testing, you can release new features with peace of mind knowing that your testing procedure has gone well and it hasn’t made the product’s functioning more complicated. You’ll know existing functionalities haven’t been accidentally affected during development.

Saves Time and Money

Besides helping you make your product error-free, agile regression testing also helps you save your overall testing cost. Regression testing automates repetitive tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more complex testing. This saves valuable time and resources in the long run making your software development and testing procedure more cost effective.

Happy Users, Happy Business

Another very exciting benefit that comes with reliable agile regression testing is that it helps you deliver a reliable user experience. By preventing regressions, you deliver a reliable product that users can trust. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and a stronger reputation for your business.

Tools and Frameworks of End-to-End Regression Testing

For making regression testing robust and cost-effective, it is always advised to use the most trusted and cost-effective regression testing tools. These tools are famous in the market to make sure your regression testing can give you your desired results at the cost that matches your testing budget. Following are some commonly used agile regression testing tools:


This free and open-source favorite lets you automate web application testing across different browsers. Selenium offers a powerful scripting language for creating complex test scenarios, making it a versatile weapon in your end-to-end regression testing arsenal.

Katalon Studio

If you’re looking for a user-friendly option, Katalon Studio is your pick. It features a visual interface for building automated tests across web, mobile, API, and desktop applications, giving you broad coverage without getting bogged down in complex code.


Testsigma takes your testing to the cloud! This scalable platform allows you to run tests on real devices for even more accurate results. Plus, built-in scheduling features keep your testing on autopilot, freeing you up for other tasks.


Appium is specifically designed for mobile app testing, leveraging Selenium’s core for a powerful combo. Say goodbye to repetitive manual swipes and taps! Appium uses native automation frameworks to interact with your app, allowing for comprehensive testing without needing to write platform-specific code.


Known for its user-friendly approach, Ranorex simplifies test creation for beginners with its record and playback functionality. This lets you record your actions while interacting with the app, and then convert them into automated tests. Ranorex also offers visual validation to ensure your app looks and behaves exactly as expected.

Test Plan for Regression Testing

If you want to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits of regression testing, it is always advised to follow the most authentic and trusted test plan for regression testing to make sure you are going in the right direction. Although the testing plans can vary from project to project depending upon the scope and complexity of the project, the following are some steps that are most commonly repeated and followed in a test plan for regression testing:

Understand the Changes, Anticipate the Impact

Before diving in, get a clear picture of the recent modifications. Analyze which areas of the software might be affected by the changes. This helps prioritize your testing efforts.

Select and Prioritize Your Test Cases Wisely

In a reliable end-to-end regression testing plan, you don’t need to retest everything! Choose relevant test cases that cover core functionalities and areas potentially impacted by the changes. Prioritize critical tests to ensure they get executed first.

Craft a Testing Plan for a Smooth Run

Develop a clear testing plan outlining the scope, chosen test cases, and expected outcomes. This ensures everyone’s on the same page and helps streamline the testing process.

Automate When Possible, Save Time and Effort

Repetitive manual testing can be a drag. Leverage automation tools whenever possible to free up your team for more strategic tasks. This saves time and reduces the risk of human error.

Execute, Analyze, and Report for Continuous Improvement

Run your tests and meticulously analyze the results. Identify any regressions and report them. Learn from each cycle to refine your testing strategy and ensure your software remains rock-solid.

Software Regression Testing Best Practices

Always follow and apply the regression testing best practices to make your regression testing more effective and promising. While performing regression testing, the following are some software regression best practices that you can follow to make sure your testing is on track:

Focus on Functionality with Impact

Not all tests are created equal. Prioritize testing core functionalities most likely affected by recent changes. This ensures critical areas are thoroughly checked, maximizing your testing impact.

Automate the Mundane, Not the Mission-Critical

Use automation tools for repetitive tasks like logins and data entry. This frees up your team to focus on exploratory testing and complex scenarios that require human expertise.

Keep Your Test Suite Up-to-Date

The next software regression testing best practice is keeping your test suit up-to-date. As your software evolves, so should your tests! Regularly review and update your test suite to reflect new features and functionalities. This ensures your regression testing stays relevant and effective.

Embrace Collaboration, Not Silos

Communication is key! Keep developers and testers in the loop about changes and potential regressions. This collaborative approach helps identify and fix issues faster.

Measure and Analyze for Continuous Improvement

Track your regression testing results. Analyze trends and identify areas for improvement. Use these insights to refine your testing strategy and ensure your software remains rock-solid over time.


With every type of test performed on the product, there is a high risk of getting new defects introduced. To cope with such situations and double-check that the tests have performed well and no new bug is there, regression testing is performed which is your most trusted testing technique to make your software testing effective. This testing provides you with a lot of benefits like making your testing cost-effective, helping you boost your confidence in your product, helping you deliver the best user experience, and many more. So to get the most cost-effective regression testing services, always hire a partner that you can trust like Siznam which is the most trusted regression testing company.

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