Why QA Automation Testing Is Important?

why automation testing is improtant

Why QA Automation Testing Is Important?

why automation testing is improtant


People are always attracted to novel and attractive things. The same goes for the field of IT and development. People are always seeking new apps and software to make their life easier and to add more fun to their life. As a result, developers are always under pressure to create new apps and software to stay ahead of their competitors. While creating software, applications, or websites, developers strive to make them flawless and error-free to make sure the users get the best experience while using them. Though developers make sure that their products should be streamlined and should show no defects, bugs always creep in and ruin the performance of the final products. That is why thorough testing of these products is always crucial, and there are multiple types of testing available to make the digital products error-free.

Multiple types of tests are available in the market that are used to remove bugs and errors from software and applications like manual testing which involve humans performing the testing and automation testing in which computers and other programs are used to do the trick. But a question arises here, Why is automation testing required for QA? Why is QA automation important? Let’s have a look at this.

What is Automation Testing?

Manual and Automation Testing for QA are two major types of testing that are used to make the bug removal procedure easier and faster. In Manual Testing, human testers test the applications, software, and websites to remove bugs and defects. On the other hand, in Automation Testing, computers, test automation approaches, and test cases are used to perform the tests and find out the problematic areas in the test subject. Though both manual and automation testing have their importance, automation testing is always more beneficial. Let’s see why it is important.

Why Automation Testing is Crucial?

If you want to make your testing procedure quick and cost-effective, automation testing will serve your cause. Automation testing for QA involves the computer performing the automated test cases and making the bug-catching procedure faster and easier. While the computer is doing your part of the job, you can perform other important tasks to make your development procedure faster. Also, when computers are involved in testing instead of humans, chances of human errors get low and the tests give more beneficial and productive results. Besides these benefits, automation testing has several other benefits that are elaborated on in the next paragraph.

Benefits of Automation Testing

Automation testing gets an edge over all the other types of testing due to its numerous benefits. This testing ensures your software, applications, and websites are bug-free and show no errors without wasting your time and money. This testing offers several other benefits:

  • Cost Reduction

Automation testing helps in saving the overall testing cost by finding out the bugs a lot quicker and faster. It removes the bugs before the deployment phase saving us from the hassle of bug removal after the deployment which is more costly and time taking.

  • Time-Saving

Automation testing is a time saver. Software development requires the execution of tests multiple times to ensure the product is defect free now. Executing these tests manually is time-consuming. Automating these tests, make the test execution faster and the results are always more reliable. 

  • Accurate and Reliable

Results produced by automated system testing are always more reliable and authentic. When software is tested on multiple platforms and configurations, and the tests are repeated several times, there are chances that mistakes and bugs can still be there. Automating this procedure eliminates the risks of human error and produces the most accurate and reliable results.

  • Continuous Test Execution

When tests are conducted manually, they can only be conducted in specific parts of the day due to working conditions. Automation testing solves this problem by offering the feature of test execution at any time. With this testing, we can execute tests remotely at any time 24/7 making the test procedure a lot faster and easier. 

  • Agile Feedback Cycle

Automation testing provides a faster feedback cycle after changes are made in software. Automated code testing helps the development team fix bugs by changing the code of the software. When testers provide faster feedback to the development team, developers can remove the bugs in a faster and more efficient way making the bug removal procedure super fast and productive.

  • Better Test Coverage

Manually achieving 100% test coverage is very difficult in complex applications. This test coverage is very time taking and difficult to achieve. When automation testing is involved, this makes complete test coverage easy and faster. In automation testing, automation tools help testers to achieve better coverage and features like UI, databases, and servers.

  • Reusable Test Suites

In manual testing, test cases are created manually to check every feature which is tedious and time taking. In automation testing, automation tools create these reusable tests and automated test cases and execute them automatically to eradicate the issues. Automation testing makes the creation and execution of reusable test scripts faster.

  • Faster Time to Market

Automation testing makes the testing procedure a lot faster by reducing the feedback cycle and executing tests 24/7. This thing helps the developers to remove the bugs in a faster manner and make the development cycle shorter and quicker.

  • No Risk of Human Error

In manual testing, tests and test cases are designed and executed by humans manually. Whenever humans are involved, there are chances of mistakes due to human error. However, when it comes to automation testing, makes the test results more accurate and reliable because the tests are executed via automation tools reducing the risks of human errors.

  • Helps QA and Dev Teams

When tests are executed via automated tools, QA and DevOps teams get less stressed and get plenty of time to spend on more challenging issues making the development cycle shorter but effective. Involving automating testing in development gives the team a chance to learn new things and increase their productivity.

Types of Automation Testing

When it comes to types of automation testing, the following are considered the best and most extensive types of automation testing:

  • Unit Testing

Testing every single unit of software, application, or website to look for any bug or error is called Unit Testing. In this testing, every unit of the digital product is tested to make sure it is error-free. A unit can be a single function, method, procedure, or a small piece of code that performs a specific task.

  • Smoke Testing

Smoke testing, also known as build verification testing, is a type of initial testing carried out in the field of software testing and automation. This testing is used to make sure that the main function and features of the software are properly functional and integrated. Smoke testing ensures that the software is ready to add new functions to it. 

  • Regression Testing

Regression testing helps to check if the software or application has developed any new kind of defect after an extensive bug removal procedure or new code changes, bug fixes, or enhancements. This testing helps to ensure that the software or application doesn’t develop any defects after changes have been made to its code.

  • Integration Testing

Integration testing is one of the crucial types of automation testing. This testing helps to check if all the parts of a software, application, or website are integrated and are in a strong connection. This testing helps to identify communication problems in the proper working of the software.

Why choose Siznam for Automation Testing

When it comes to automation testing technologies, no one can beat Siznam. At Siznam, we change the look of your software, applications, and websites with our extensive approach to automation testing services. Siznam offers you the benefits that no other testing company can ever offer, like:

  • We Understand You and Your Requirements Better
  • Maintaining a 24/7 Strong Connection With You
  • We Design Your Plan To Serve Your Purpose
  • Reducing Development Time and Money by 46%
  • Strategically Designed Test Scripts
  • 99.99% Bug Identification and Eradication
  • Fastest Problem-Solving Plans
  • We Speed Up Your Development 3x
  •  Business Oriented Test Scripts
  • Improving your productivity 4x
  • Top-notch test automation technologies

When Should You Not Do Automation Testing?

Although automation is supposed to make the testing procedure way faster and more effective, there are still conditions where using automation procedure is favorable. In conditions where higher manual intervention is required, automated processes should not be used, such as:

  • Low ROI automated test cases
  • Where Non-repetitive test cases are involved
  • Conditions where software requirements are changing fastly
  • Testing scenarios where manual testing is crucial, i.e., thinking, and planning.
  • Early development phases
  • Limited resources


When it comes to testing, both manual and automation testing are important, but automation testing has an edge over all testing due to its several benefits. It offers several benefits like saving time and money, reusable test scripts, faster time to market, better accuracy, and many more. Due to all these benefits, automation testing should be your priority. If you are looking for the best automation testing company, Siznam can be your best option!


People Also Ask

How Can Automation Testing Service Benefit Your Software?

Automation Testing Services can benefit your business in many ways. It is the most efficient, dependable, and cost-effective QA method for making your software bug-free in a short amount of time. For more information, please contact us and get your questions answered. 

What is the primary goal of automation testing?

The primary goal of automation testing is to save significant time and money spent on testing repetitive test cases and scenarios that testing methods and tools can automate in minutes.

Which testing costs more money? manual or automatically?

Both manual and test automation workflow cost differently, and each has advantages and disadvantages. For short-term testing procedures, manual testing is less expensive than automation testing, and for long-term processes, automation testing is more cost-effective than manual testing.

Siznam provides the best prices since we are the top automation testing business.

Which tool works best for automation testing services?

The Cypress Tool is the most well-known, successful, and productive tool used in automated system testing even though there are several inexpensive and effective solutions available. This technology is simple to use and offers test automation firms real-time results. This technology is part of Siznam’s arsenal for automation testing, which we employ to produce the finest outcomes in testing operations.

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